Hydrating Cream - 500ML

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Hydrating Cream - 500ML

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Hydrating Cream - 500ML



It is an instant cosmetic treatment. Its action greatly enhances the beauty of the texture and is ideal for nourishing, restructuring and giving support to the coat. It guarantees the result on brittle, stressed and fragile coats, it also gives natural shine to the colors and vitality to the hair: after each treatment the hair will appear with volume, silky, easy to comb and groom.



Hydrating Cream formulation is enriched with Argan Oil to nourish, revitalize with anti-aging effect. Silk extracts that help give a shine effect for a 100% brilliant color.  Collagen to restructure the hair. Plant proteins for perfect hydration of the coat and epidermis.



Hydrating Cream can be used directly in your cleansing shampoo. Mix two teaspoons of cream in 50 ml of shampoo and one liter of warm water, then proceed with normal cleansing operations. To obtain an excellent reconstructing effect on the hair, we recommend the following treatment. With the hair washed and towel-dried, dilute one tablespoon of product with 20 drops of 4 Elements Oil in two liters of warm water. Distribute the treatment over the entire length of the coat. Leave to act for a few minutes brushing the coat. In case of very damaged hair, apply under a heat source. At the end rinse thoroughly and dry. For the maintenance of the coat, for exhibitions, after the cleansing bath, dilute a tablespoon of Hydrating Cream with a tablespoon of Hygro fluid or Super Keeper, sprinkle all over the coat and dry without rinsing. The coat will look moisturized and lend itself to package protection. The recommended doses for maintenance are purely indicative and may vary in different needs from subject to subject. The above recommended treatment may leave the hair slightly heavy even if rinsed. 


Format 500 ml