Shampoo For Puppies Dog and Cat Douceur Extreme - 250 ml

Anju Beauté

Shampoo For Puppies Dog and Cat Douceur Extreme - 250 ml

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Puppy shampoo for dogs and cats "Douceur Extreme" suitable for all types of breeds and coats.

Based on Passionflower, Vanilla and Provitamins, Douceur Extreme shampoo is ideal for dog and cat puppies.

Made in France

Superb hypoallergenic shampoo with natural active ingredients that gently cleans the coat of puppies and kittens after weaning .

Preserves the balance and structure of the coat. The action of Passion Flower and Provitamins reinforce the protection of the skin and the shine of the coat. Soft and delicate shampoo

Texture with vanilla aroma can be used for frequent washing. An ideal way to gently introduce animals to bathing from a very early age. Also recommended for animals with very sensitive skin. Reduces the risk of allergies.

USE: distribute and massage the product well all over the coat, rinse.

ANJU BEAUTÉ French brand par excellence of international renown offers a full range of luxury shampoos and beauty care products for dogs and cats.

Format: 250ml