Poodle : characteristics, character, health

The poodle: one of the most intelligent dogs in the world!

The poodle is an active and dynamic dog that loves company and life in the open air. It loves to walk, run and jump. All qualities that make it one of the snappiest small dogs and naturally inclined to agility activities.

Families love his jovial and very cute face, his sweetness, his calmness and his incessant desire to move. He brings dynamism to everyone's life. He is also very sociable, does not require constant maintenance and has the distinction of having robust health. An intelligent dog, strongly attached to its owners, cheerful, suitable even for novice owners or with children.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about the poodle!




Poodle breed origin

The poodle is a breed of French origin, includes several varieties with different sizes: dwarf or toy version, as well as medium and large.

The poodle was used in duck hunting; etymologically, the words poodle and duck have the same root in French.

Fun fact: Louis XVI also owned a poodle! During the Second Empire, the poodle's popularity exploded, so much so that it became the ultimate pet dog.


Physical characteristics and appearance of the poodle

The poodle is a harmonious dog, recognizable by its curly coat, which is often combed in a typical manner. We consider two types of hair: curly, with fine, woolly, curled and elastic hair, thick and of uniform length; or corded, with hair in thin strands measuring 20 cm.

The eyes of the Poodle are almond-shaped, black or dark brown, with an intelligent and dynamic expression.

The color of the Poodle's coat is always one color and can be: white, black, brown, gray, apricot, fawn red.

The different sizes of the Poodle:

The large poodle varies in size from 45 to 60 cm.

The medium poodle ranges in size from 35 and 45 cm.

The dwarf poodle ranges in height from 28 to 35 cm.

The Toy poodle ranges in size from 24 and 28 cm.


Living conditions and character of the poodle

The poodle is a dog of irrepressible vivacity, lively, cheerful, curious, friendly and intelligent: even considered one of the most intelligent dogs in the world.

It is certainly the dog that is happiest to learn new things: not for nothing is it the most popular circus dog breed, as they are willing to perform the most complicated exercises to please their master. He loves interacting and learning, if instead he is left to his own devices, he can become barky and neurotic.

From his past as a hunter he has retained a great passion for fetching and water, he also likes to swim. So even though they have adapted very well to a city lifestyle, the large poodle will always prefer large country areas and land with water features compared to city life.

Smaller varieties such as the Nano or Toy poodle are more delicate and suffer from the cold so for them life in the house or apartment is almost a must.



Poodle Care

The Poodle has specific grooming needs to keep its coat nice and tidy. Regular care is all that is needed: weekly brushing and regular trimming of the coat are essential.

Your poodle should be taken to a groomer every six weeks or so to be groomed, or you can get the right products and learn how to do it yourself.


Nutrition and major health problems of the poodle

Poodles are robust and exceptionally long-lived dogs, living an average of 15 years. They don't have any particular health problems, except for a risk of ear infections and a tendency to develop tartar on their teeth.

Like other small breeds, the Toy Poodle can suffer from problems with their kneecaps, which can become dislocated. They are also prone to hip disease and inherited eye disorders for which they should be evaluated.

Food for this breed should be appropriate for its size and physical activity. He does not give up good homemade food, and very good quality kibble.

This dog is able to self-manage his food intake, but if not, it is recommended to have only one meal a day, especially in the evening, to allow him to digest properly.


Accessories for your poodle

Before you welcome your new four-legged friend into your home, you can enjoy the wait by choosing the most appropriate basic equipment. A poodle needs a comfortable place to sleep that will also serve as a safe haven when he needs to be alone - there are plenty of wonderful dog beds and blankets to choose from.

A collar, harness and leash are essential accessories before welcoming your dog home as well as the essentials: food and water bowls.

You should also think about how you want to transport your dog in the car or during your walks: there are many options, from different types of carrying bags for dogs. For frequent trips, a car seat, a blanket for the car can also be very useful.

As a very lively dog who loves to play both alone and with his owner, you'll need to stock up on toys to keep your poodle busy and stimulated!

Your little dog will also need grooming accessories: a soft brush, a pair of specialized dog scissors, shampoo and conditioner to clean his beautiful coat. It's always helpful to have an ear cleaner on hand and also a specific eye cleaner.



The ideal owner for the poodle

It is a breed that is perfectly suited as a first dog, it fits any lifestyle and any owner, whether he is a hunting enthusiast, sedentary or very active! It is also a dog that easily adapts to life in an apartment, even in its larger versions. It loves the company of its family, adores children and easily adapts to living according to its owner's needs. The poodle does not like loneliness, in fact it needs present masters. It is therefore not suitable for those who do not spend much time at home.

In general it is sociable towards other dogs, indeed it will love a playmate with whom to have fun. It will probably not have problems with any other breed of dog. It is necessary to be careful with strangers, being a vigilant dog it must first know them and then trust them.


The Poodle is a dog full of vitality and energy very intelligent and curious, which makes it always willing to learn. They are dogs that are very attached to their owner and will always try to please him. The Poodle is also very alert to unusual movements and suspicions, making them an excellent alert dog. They only bark if they see something unusual.

Very popular in France, the Poodle has a jovial, friendly and loyal disposition. They are very cuddly and will not hesitate to be petted by their owner for hours! 


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