Size Chart

Guide to the sizes of clothing and accessories for dogs of the most glamorous brands 

The most frequent doubt, when shopping online, concerns the real wearability of the chosen item and even more the size. Often, in fact, generalist sites provide vague and not at all personalized parameters to calcilate a hypothetical size. The generic data, available on most of the sites of the sector, give a totally partial picture: the constitution of some types of breeds, for example is very particular and deserves further evaluations, as in the case of pugs, short but with an important circumference compared to the rest of the body. In addition to the physical specificity of the breeds, we must consider that there are wide differences in terms of sizes from brand to brand, as we will see later: a XS of a brand may correspond to the S of another. For this reason a buying guide is essential. 


Paola, with her precise knowledge of all the garments and all the brands sold by A.Mici&Co, offers only high quality solutions and excellent workmanship, tailored for your little friend. The correct size, comfortable fabrics and fine design will help your puppy to feel comfortable and free. 


Contacting Paola by email and talking to heere, you will understand how, to choose the right piece of clothing or accessory for your small dog. It is necessary to cross and evaluate different types of information. Your dog's breed will immediately give valuable information about his build and will steer Paola towards certain garments over others, as well as one brand over another. Once these points are resolved, Paola will guide you to find the perfect size. There are aspects that customers are unlikely to evaluate on their own in front of images of clothing, such as the measurements of the openings for the passage of the head and paws, for example. 


Take your dog's measurements

Neck: With a dressmaker's tape measure the circumference of the neck as if it were a collar. 

Chest: Mesure the widest point of the chest, juste after the front legs. 

Back: Measure the length from the base of the neck (just below the collar) to the beginning of the tail. 


Each brand has its own fit and it is advisable to always check sizes before buying. 


Brand: For Pets Only
Clothing, harnesses and collars sizes charts

Size Weight 
XS 700 g - 1,5 Kg
S 1,5 Kg - 2,7 Kg
S/M 2,3 Kg - 4 Kg
M 2,7 Kg - 4,5 Kg
L 4,5 Kg - 6 Kg
XL 6,5 kg - 10 Kg

Clothing size chart 


Size Weight (up to)
XS 3 Kg
S 4,9 Kg
M 6,9 Kg
L -


Harness size chart


For a perfect fit of the collar check the measurement of the circumference of the neck of your dog and add about 5/7 cm. Example: neck circumference measurement 20 cm + 5 cm = collar size 25 cm


An institution, For Pets Only is among the most popular made in Italy brands. It offers a renowned catalog, which boasts the use of Italian fabrics of the highest quality. The creations of this brand in terms of accessories, such as harnesses and leashes, are all sewn and made by hand, without the use of synthetic glues. The hardware is nickel free and the crytals inserted in some models are authentic Swarowsky. The design and raw materials of the For Pets Only collections always have an Italian signature. 


Brand: I Love My Dog

Clothing sizes charts


Back (cm)

Neck (cm)

Chest (cm)

























Stretch garments size table 


Back (cm) Neck (cm) Chest (cm)
XS 22 22-23 32-33
S 26-27 25,5-26 36,5-38
S/M 29 25,5-26,5 41-42,5
M 32-33 29,5-31 44-46
L 35-36,5 36,5-38,5 47,5-50
XL 41-42,5 40-41,5 53,5-55,5

Non-stretch garment size table 


In addition to the classic sizes, this brand offers the so-calles comfort sizes, i.e. special sizes for dogs with a particular constitution, different on the basis of the breed, build and needs of the dog itself. The bulldog for example, is short but very wide, so for this type of dog a special size is needed, which fits perfectly respecting its typical build. Thanks to Paola you can find the perfect model and size for your little four-legged friend, she will take care of ordering the most suitable size for you. 


Brand: Not Too Pet

Clothing and harness sizes charts

Size Chest (cm) Neck (cm) Back (cm)
XS 31 22 19,5 + 2
S 33 26 21,5 + 2
M 37 29 23,5 + 2
L 41 33 26,5 + 2
XL 45 36 30,5 + 2

T-shirt size chart


Size Chest (cm) Neck (cm) Back (cm)
XS 36,5 28 24
S 39 29,5 28
M 43,5 32 30
L 46,5 37 34
XL 50,5 40 36,5

Hoodie size chart


Head (cm)
Chest (cm)
XS 31 36 - 40 5
S 34,5 39 - 43 5
M 40,5 39 - 45 7
L 42,5 43,5 - 49,5 7
XL 45 46,5 - 52,5 7

Harness size chart


Brand: Mon Bonbon Milano 

Clothing and harness sizes charts

 Back (cm)
Neck (cm)
Chest (cm)
T-shirt size chart
Size Length (cm) Neck (cm) Chest (cm)
XS 11 19 25
S 13 24 30/32
S/M 14 24 34/35
M 16 28 38/40
L 20 32 41
XL - - -

Harness size chart


Brand: Inamorada

Clothing sizes charts

Size Back (cm) Neck (cm) Chest (cm)
XS until 24 until 24 until 34
S until 27 until 26 until 37
M until 30 until 28 until 40 
L until 33 until 30 until 43
XL until 36 until 32 until 46

Clothing size chart


In terms of sizes, Inamorada requires special assistance in choosing the best size and Paola, a perfect connoisseur of the brand, will be happy to help you. The size S of Inamorada is in fact wider than the same size of other brands, the fit is greater and this could cause discomfort to your dog, making some movements difficult and affecting his agility. With Paola's help, your puppy will be able to proudly dress Inamorada with an impeccable and stylish result! The brand has a distinctive collection of fine accessories that will make you fall in love. 


Brand: Charlotte's Dress

Clothing and Harness sizes charts

Size Neck (cm) Back (cm) Chest (cm)
XS 21 - 22 17 - 20 30,5 - 31,5
S 24 - 25 20,5 - 23,5 35 - 36
M 28 - 29 25 - 28 40 - 41
L 32 - 33 29 - 32 45,5 - 46,5
XL 36 - 37 33 - 36 51,5 - 52,5

Clothing size table 


Size Neck (cm) Chest (cm)
XS 20 30
S 24 37
M 33 45

Harness size table


Contact us if you want to make a gift to a friend or if you are still undecided on the measures

All you have to do is contact Paola and she will be very happy to provide you with all the useful and personalized information for your little dog: tips, curiosities, details and a guide to the perfect sizes whether it's your dog or, even more, if you want to make a gift!