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What to get your dog for Christmas? 5 Christmas gift ideas for your four-legged friend

The Christmas holidays are just a few days away and if you have a dog you'll want to involve him in the festivities with a special gift. Christmas is a magical time to spend with family and of course your dog is a member of the family too! Even if he doesn't know it's Christmas, he loves unwrapping packages just as much (no doubt about it)! So why not think of something to put under the tree for him too? We have created a list of Christmas gift ideas for dogs, for this selection of gifts we have chosen to present you everyday items that will be useful for your dog but also for you. Maybe it won't excite him as...

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Small dogs that suffer from the cold: precautions and tips

We know that dogs have a higher body temperature than ours and therefore have better resistance to heat and cold than humans! Although  protected by their fur, even our best friends suffer from winter temperatures! Quindi be  careful and learn to understand if your dog is suffering from the cold in order to protect him!   Do our four-legged friends suffer from the cold? Not all dogs are equal in their resistance to cold. Here are some of the factors that influence the fact that a dog is more or less sensitive to low temperatures: Age: older dogs are often less resistant to cold temperatures. With them also newborn puppies (less than 2 months), as they have not yet developed...

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Shampoo for dogs: how to choose the best one

How to choose the most suitable shampoo for your dog? The dog's dressing table: a ritual in the name of safety.To make sure we don't neglect the well-being of our four-bag friends it is important to follow a well-groomed grooming regimen. This also includes the use of safe, non-toxic products designed specifically so as not to ruin or affect the health of hair and skin.Finding a shampoo suitable for your puppy is not a problem to be underestimated: many times, in fact, the vastness of the market that concerns products for dogs can discourage even the most attentive owner, who does not know what parameters to use to help himself in choosing among the thousand types of shampoos with different prices, characteristics...

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