Cosa regalare al cane per Natale? 5 Idee regalo per il tuo amico a quattro zampe

What to get your dog for Christmas? 5 Christmas gift ideas for your four-legged friend

The Christmas holidays are just a few days away, and if you have a dog you'll want to involve him in the festivities with a special gift. Christmas is a magical time to spend with family and of course your dog is a member of the family too! Even if he doesn't know it's Christmas, he loves unwrapping packages just as much (no doubt about it)! So why not think of something to put under the christmas tree for him too? 


We have created a list of Christmas gift ideas for dogs, for this selection of gifts we have chosen to present you with everyday items that will be useful for your dog but also for you. Maybe it won't excite him as much as a toy or a package of cookies, but at least he can use it and enjoy it every day with you!


Here are our top 5 gift ideas for your dog for Christmas:


1. A warm and comfortable place to sleep and relax

A new dog bed is a great Christmas gift idea for your four-legged friend. Especially as we enter the coldest season of the year. Choose a warm and comfortable kennel, especially if your dog is old or small (read our previous article to learn which dog breeds suffer from the cold).

Click here to discover all our dog bed models: in velvet, in jacquard fabrics, in chenille, ...

A similar or complementary gift could be a blanket, especially if your dog suffers a lot from the cold: we recommend the faux fur blankets, very warm, soft and fluffy, you will see that your dog will love to curl up in his new blanket!

Click here to discover all the faux fur blankets. 


2. A coat, raincoat or jacket for the winter

When it rains, a walk can become a nightmare: your dog is wet and when you come back, you have to dry him to prevent him from getting sick or dirtying the house. To avoid this, you can put a raincoat on your dog to protect him from the rain.

Check out all the raincoat models for your pooch or dog here.

It's also important to protect your dog from the cold when he's outside, especially if he's one of the breeds that suffer from low temperatures. Dogs with this need are usually dogs with little or no fur, very small dogs, or older dogs (read our previous article to learn more about cold weather and dogs). If you haven't bought a coat for your furry little friend yet, you've found the perfect gift for your four-legged best friend! Depending on your dog's sensitivity to the cold, choose a more or less warm coat for him.

A simple waterproof jacket, a down jacket, a faux fur padded jacket, etc. Check out all of our winter coats here!


3. A cute Christmas sweater, just like yours!

Here's an original gift idea for your pooch! Dogs are part of the family and they too have the right to soak up the Christmas atmosphere, don't they? Over the years, our four-legged friends have become more and more important. With Christmas just around the corner, take a look at Christmas jumpers for dogs! Once the holiday season is over, you can put the sweater under a coat during winter walks to keep your furry one warm.

If you're a big fan of Olaf, the snowman from Frozen, you'll love the sweater with the snowman, for classic fans, the traditional white snowflake sweater will be perfect! To find out about all the Christmas jumpers for your dog, click here!


4. Beauty products for dogs

On our online boutique you will find many beauty products to wash your dog or improve the appearance of his coat. For example, dry shampoo (perfect for long-haired dogs when it is very cold), brushes, different types of conditioner, hair oils, perfumes, etc..

Among all our products dedicated to the welfare of the dog, we have the perfect gift, look no further:

The Christmas scented perfume and shampoo, to buy the limited christmas edition, click here!


5. A collar, leash or nice harness

There are bound to be items that your dog uses on a daily basis that you will need to change, such as a leash or collar. In this regard, we want to remind you that in most cases it is better to use a harness rather than a collar, especially if your dog tends to pull on the leash. Give your dog a nice collar or harness to express your love for him! 

A faux leather collar, or a more durable calfskin collar, decorated with Swarovski crystals, or sequins, in short you are spoiled for choice!  Take a look here to discover all the wonders!


If instead you want to give a little gift to your dog, you can find on the online shop many accessories: bag holders, clips, bow ties, bowls, cookie holders, etc.. We are sure that you will find something interesting among all these ideas!


Dogs are very special and each one is made in their own way, they all have different habits and desires. But one thing is for sure, what your dog wants more than anything else is to be pampered by his family! Here, then, is our final piece of advice: spend this holiday season pampering your dog.

More than all the gifts we have mentioned, you will make your dog very happy with a lot of affection and companionship: spend time with him or her, play, go for walks and do different activities. Spending time together is the best Christmas gift you can give your dog.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of dog gift ideas and that it inspires you to choose the perfect gift to put under the tree for your four-legged friend. We wish you all a merry Christmas and hope you spend it in peace with your loved ones, and your furry friend, of course!

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