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BeC is a family business founded in 1982 in Forlì.

The combination of precious essential oils, natural extracts, valuable vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, anti-free radical carefully selected and combined and continuous research in the laboratory, originate the uniqueness not replicable on the market of each product BeC.

BeC offers several lines of organic and vegetal cosmetics and natural supplements ranging from facial care and body care, personal hygiene, products for for for pregnant mothers, children, sports, sunscreen with specific formulation designed because of exposure to the sun for all skin types, up to the vast assortment of dietary supplements, whose formulations are calibrated on specific needs of the person.

All product lines arise from listening to your precise needs and are all certified, guaranteed in safety and quality and high performance.

- the capsules of the dietary supplements are made of hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), a substance of vegetable origin, obtained from pine wood pulp and cotton fiber.
- all products are tested for Nickel and heavy metals and are suitable for even the most sensitive consumers.
- we do not test on animals, nor do we use any ingredients of animal origin.
- we perform strict chemical and microbiological quality controls on all raw materials and products.
- we perform thorough efficacy testing on all products, using the in vivo protocol on human volunteers.
- all products are suitable for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.
- all our activities are certified by an integrated Environment-Quality system ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

- 100% Made in Italy

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