About Us

Paola, owner and beating heart of Amici&Co, wanted to give life to an absolute reference point for those who take care of their four-legged friends, with the utmost dedication. Amici&Co is in fact a great passion, managed daily with a smile, more than a business and was created to guide all those who own small dogs to find clothes and accessories, perfectly suited to them.

Paola is always available for advice and information, thanks to the deep knowledge of the sector in which it operates, the result of years of careful research and selection, with the aim of being able to offer its customers the best.

The clothes and accessories offered by Amici&Co belong to brands of the highest level and quality, only to ensure the greatest benefit to your little dogs: quality materials, fabrics that respect the hair and epidermis of your little one are decisive, as well as the size that must adhere without impeding the free movement or create annoying friction.

For Paola the absolute priority is in fact the comfort of your puppies. Refined clothing and accessories, well finished and cared for in every detail do not represent only a fashion trend, but the certainty that your pet will be able to live comfortably his moments of outdoor leisure.

Paola carefully chooses the brands for her store with the sole objective of offering her customers and their beloved small dogs, the best on the market in terms of comfort and, why not, even fashion and glamor.

Nowadays, the opportunity to buy has moved widely on the web, through generalist e-commerce aimed at online sales, this also happens in the segment dedicated to our four-legged friends, with all the difficulties of the case.

Often, in fact, you can find seemingly pretty items with an attractive price, which once arrived at home turn out to be coarse, low quality and not wearable. Or, it may happen that the article perfectly meets your expectations, but is not the right model for your dog or even worse is not the right size.

Paola from her boutique is just waiting to chat with you and evaluate, with her maximum availability and kindness, what is best for your small dog!