Dog and summer: 5 tips and tricks for a pleasant summer

Temperatures have skyrocketed and not all dogs are the same when it comes to heat! For some dogs it is very difficult to cope with summer temperatures.

The season of the sea, holidays and sun, summer is a great time to walk the dog. However, there are some precautions to take towards your furry friend. Especially since summer is very hot this year.

You need to watch out for heatstroke if you have a puppy, senior dog or if your dog is brachycephalic (with a flattened face). Dogs, just like people, can get heatstroke. They can get blisters and even sunburns! 

How to avoid problems and have a good summer?
Here are our 5 tips to help you and your dog have a peaceful summer.


Our first tip: pay attention to the asphalt

Many dogs go for a walk on the asphalt in the summer. Imagine yourself barefoot on the asphalt under the midday sun ... Your dog will also feel the effects of heat and sunburn. Choose carefully the time of your outings. Avoid walking your dog in paved areas. Instead, choose woods or dirt roads, which are much more pleasant.

Keep in mind that the heat accumulated by the pads of the paws can cause blisters that can get worse (burns, infections). IS very painful.

If your dog has blisters, don't hesitate to take him to the vet!


Our second tip: always have water available for your dog

You should always have a water bowl available for your dog. Don't hesitate to change the water in the bowl often to keep it as fresh as possible.

No matter where you are, at home or on a walk, your dog must be able to drink at will. So, when you are out and about, take a portable water bowl and a bottle of water with you.


Our third tip: never leave your dog in the car 

Never leave your dog in the car even if the heat seems less and you leave the window open, your dog could suffer or even die. 

The inside of the car can reach 50 ° C in a few minutes, a real oven. Thousands of dogs die in cars every year, even if they are in the shade and with the window open. For example, 20 ° C in a car on a hot day seems to be around 30 ° C. A dog that cannot sweat like a human can choke and die quickly.


Our fourth tip: don't expose your dog to too much sun

Avoid exposing your dog too much to the sun! The dog can be hit not only by a heat stroke (hyperthermia: high body temperature), but also from a sunstroke (redness of the skin, hypersensitivity or pain to the touch), both terribly unpleasant for the dog and even fatal in the first case.

Dogs and cats can also get burned. The ears, nose, belly and paw pads must be monitored. IS It is advisable to apply a sunscreen specially designed for dogs and cats on the most sensitive parts: ears, muzzle, belly, any part of the dog's body with little or no hair.

In case of heat stroke, it is essential to urgently wet the dog's paws and not the whole body (to avoid thermal shock) and try to make him drink. Once these two measures have been taken, it is urgent to consult a veterinarian.


Our fifth tip: swim with your dog! 

If you have the opportunity to let your dog swim and he likes it, don't deprive him! Swimming is great for them and a good way to cool them down in the summer!

However, there are some precautions to take! If the dog is swimming in sea water, it is necessary to rinse him thoroughly. Carefully examine the paws and the spaces between the toes to make sure there is no sand. Sand and salt water are very irritating to the skin and paw pads. Also offer him a bowl of fresh water to prevent him from drinking sea water.

Likewise, if your dog has bathed in water that you think is unsafe, rinse him thoroughly.


In conclusion, be sure to follow our tips for a wonderful summer with your dog. And be especially careful if you have a puppy or an elderly dog. Summer is one of the most pleasant seasons to walk your four-legged friend and you usually have more time to spend with him. So take advantage of it!

We hope you find this article useful! Don't hesitate to share your tips and experiences with us in the comments! Happy holidays to all!

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