Chihuahua: characteristics, character, health

It should not be judged by its small size: the Chihuahua has a beautiful temperament and is very wary of strangers who approach him or his owners. A character that shows his loyalty and attachment to his family.

With a round head with a lively expression, the Chihuahua has over time become a very popular dog in Europe and the United States. Considered the world's smallest dog breed, it loves to be hugged by its owners and cuddled. In addition, it is not greedy for care or food, and has good health while its size might lead you to believe otherwise.


Origin of the Chihuahua breed


The world's smallest dog is named after the largest state in Mexico!

The Chihuahua is one of the oldest dog breeds. The Chihuahua is said to have originated in Mexico, the state of Chihuahua. It would have been highly valued by Aztec princesses.


Physical characteristics of the Chihuahua


Its small size is the first detail that attracts attention when it comes to conjuring up the physical characteristics of the Chihuahua. It is between 16 and 20 cm long and weighs between 1 and 3 kg. It has a small round, apple-shaped head and a very short muzzle. It has a well-structured, compact body with a broad chest and a short, firm back. This balanced and harmonious constitution is one of the strengths of this breed.

Its coat is short, soft and glossy although it is not uncommon to see Chihuahuas with long, silky and fine hair. White, fire, cream or black: the coat can also have several colors. Its eyes are another characteristic of the Chihuahua: they are large and very expressive. Ditto for the ears which are large, erect and very far apart.


Living conditions and behavior of the Chihuahua 


Playful and dynamic, the Chihuahua stands out above all for its strong character. A way perhaps to compensate for its small size. In any case, it is not a dog that lets itself go and may emit loud barks in front of strangers to scare them off. Due to its size, this breed is an excellent companion dog but can also take on the role of an alarm dog. To avoid problems, it is best to educate him from an early age so that he learns to master his fiery temperament.

As for its living conditions, it will enjoy itself as much in apartments as in large houses with gardens. But since he is very energetic, he should enjoy regular walks. Beware, however, of extreme temperatures, especially in winter, the Chihuahua suffers greatly from the cold: a dog coat or sweater is essential.

In addition to walks, the Chihuahua can be tempted by play sessions, which will also strengthen his bond with his owner.


Chihuahua Care

One brushing per week is sufficient on the short-haired variety. On the long-haired Chihuahua, more frequent brushing is necessary to avoid knots.

This dog is naturally clean and odorless. It therefore requires little attention. A dog shampoo, with a neutral pH, is indicated if you need to wash your dog. And dry him well after his grooming because he fears heat and cold!

Also watch for tartar on the Chihuahua's teeth. Smaller breeds are especially prone to it.


The Ideal Owner for a Chihuahua


The ideal owner for a Chihuahua is an owner who knows how to impose limits on his Chihuahua puppy, from an early age.

The owner of this dog must also be careful to channel his exclusive side if he is brought to live with small children or other animals. Socialization is an important step to adhere to. This is to avoid some premature barking and grunting later on....

This little dog is ideal for living in an apartment, in the city. And if this is your first dog, it is easy to adapt to its low demands.

Warning: the Chihuahua loves to be held and cuddled. But it also needs independence and calm.


Chihuahua Diet and Major Health Problems


The Chihuahua does not have frail health at all. On the contrary, it is very robust. However, in some cases it can be prone to eye irritation and teething problems caused by tartar. Another point: because he is very dynamic, he can be a victim of falls that can be fatal. 

His diet should be rich only in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats provided by quality kibble. Finally, good hydration is necessary.



With his very small size (less than 3 kg, according to the breed standard), he fits perfectly in a purse! This feature quickly turned him into a star dog, easy to carry around! By offering your dog a consistent and adapted upbringing from an early age, you will be able to channel his stubborn nature and bark without difficulty.

You'll be able to live in harmony with your companion, even when he's out of your bag!

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