How to choose luxury clothing for your dog that is above all confortable

Choosing clothing for your dogs. When luxury is comfort. 

Clothing for small dogs is very important to safeguard the physical well-being of your four-ways friend. The fabrics must be comfortable, adhering perfectly to the fur so as to keep it always protected from the cold or dry in case of rain. Moreover, it will be necessary to combine the aesthetic aspect with functionality and wearability. 

But choosing is not always easy, given the presence of numerous products on the Web, which may have different costs and vary according to quality. In fact, at the moment in which you have to evaluate a purchase, you have to consider a series of parameters and issues that can also lead to desist from such an operation. For this reason, having the possibility to consult an expert in the field, and make purchases in a specialized site, can be a great advantage. 


The importance of comfortable clothing. Paola's advice. 

Having the opportunity of an advice which is direct and thought in order to protect not the interest of a company but that of you dog can make the difference. The choice in this way is made without the anxiety that can arise when you open a product and discover that it is not suitable. 

In Paola you can find not only a person who knows carefully the world of clothing for small dogs and its accessoires, but also a person who is always ready to imagine the effect that a particular piece of clothing can do on your little friend. 


Quality and comfort. The basic elements of a comfortable product. 

Reading about the numerous criticisms I encounter when consulting the various sites for the sale of pet products, I wondered why, Paola, did not have these particular problems. In fact, the nightmare of manu platforms is to see themselves overhelmed by complaints due to customer dissatisfaction with the products bought, with a series of negative reviews that damage the image of the online store.

So I asked Paola why our products seem to be immune to this reality. 

The answer was both simple and comprehensive. In fact, for her at the base of the choice of a client, it is not enough to offer a site that presents quality articles, a concept that often corresponds to a high price. But the level of a product does not depend only on its cost, but on a set of elements that characterize it and the services connected to it. The brands that have been chosen by Paola, of course are expensive, but because a lot of attention has been paid to the type of material they are made of. In this way when the clothing is purchased, it will not only be the most suitable for your dog, but at the samee time it will bring a great benefit to the animal and in particular it will be comfortable. So an article recommended by Paola is not only of quality, but provides the right size, the right type of attachement, the closure that is considered most practical and the most comfortable fabric. For this reason, from harnesses to quilts, from clothes to kennels, from hygiene products to collars, every single article is considered branded, elegant and luxurious. 


What are the main issues in choosing luxury clothing. The comfort and effeciency of the product. 

Criticism arises from a series of incorrect evaluations that are made both in choosing a product and in showing it on the site. In fact, it often happens that an article is not of quality and this disappoints the customer who imagining to save money is found at home, however, something that does not fit his little friend. Other times, however, you can find an article that meets the expectations of those who buy and then can be defined as high value and luxury. But quality is a wider reality and therefore in order to make sure that an item of clothing for dogs fits comfortably, it will also be fundamental to prepare a series of tools for the customer useful to understand how to evaluate it in order to make it suitable for the dog. An example can be technical sheets, precise photos that allow the visualization of the single parts and also explanations of how to choose the right size. In order to do this, it is necessary to have a very wide knowledge of one's own work and of the products that are sold, like Paola's.

The main issues concern the choice of size so that the animal feels free, the fit as the main factor of choice, the materials used and finally the brand that suits the individual breed.


The choice of size. How to evaluate the fabrics its comfort. 

Everyone can access a dog clothing website and select a particular product, perhaps because they are attracted by the model, the color or simply by the effect it could have on their four-legged friend. But before making the purchase, one of the problems in which every dog owner finds himself and in particular the small ones, is that of having to evaluate the right size. In fact, if you choose a wrong model, the dog will find it difficult to move as it will have a too wide garment. In the opposite situation, if the size is small, the animal will be constrained in its movements. The worst situation, however, occurs when, even if with difficulty and after long measurements, a correct size has been evaluated, as for example that of a sweatshirt, one realizes that the shirt does not stay still in the indicated position but tends to rise, and that in the areas where it is in contact with the paws, the fabric produces irritations. These realities lead customers to find themselves in great difficulty in buying, given the fear of buying a product that does not fit their dog.

Thanks to Paola you can make the right choice because over the years she has specialized in selecting and offering customers clothing for sizes XXS-L for poodles, toy, chihuahua, small dogs and finally handbag.

The problem of a sweatshirt that rises towards the neck is solved thanks to a product that fits so well as to form a second skin. In addition, neither hooks nor paw clips are used to immobilize it, but thanks to the particular fabric of the quilts there is no displacement.

Other times, however, the customer finds himself buying a product where the size is right, but he notices that for the chest of a dog that has particular conformations such as a 24 kg boxer, some points are tight. Paola's advice is that if the material is of quality and the raw material suitable, then the clothing should also be comfortable.


The fit, comfort = practicality 

Getting your little poodle to wear a coat may not be an easy thing, as the animal does not always stay put in one place. Often customers complain that even if they were able to guess the size, there is the problem that when they looked at the photo it did not specify the type of ventral hooking and little elastic. The drawback is to find a product difficult to fit that forced them to make an additional cut in order to modify the one bought.

Paola solves this problem by choosing clothes of the brand I love my dog, which over the years has specialized in order to allow the perfect fit both for dogs that have a thin neck and for those that have a thicker one. The secret is to use a double buttoning clip, so as to be easily adjustable.

Finally, the suggestion is not to choose Velcro closures, but to prefer clips where possible, since the fabric could stick to the fur of your animal tearing it. I love my dog products are very practical and comfortable both in the plush and in the down versions.


Quality materials. The choice of the house and the attention of the owner. 

Another problem that often rages on the Web, concerns the type of material used, which is erroneously considered of poor quality if it turns out to produce defects. In fact some people criticize in a particular way the models that for example are more suitable for dogs with stumpy legs, since for the type of fabric the size seems not to be able to adhere in a perfect way both to the neck and to the legs, as in the case of a sweatshirt. In addition, most of the time, when a t-shirt or down jacket is washed, the fabric shrinks and therefore it is impossible to wear it a second time.

Paola advises to carry out a series of checks before washing. In fact, if you have purchased a particular material such as cashmere, putting it in the washing machine, instead of following the washing instructions, will eventually be damaged. In the case instead of a woolen sweater, the effect is even worse. Before facing the danger of washing, Paola's suggestion is to read the instructions carefully. In fact, every quality brand if it receives a return makes a specific check in order to understand what the problem was and improve its standards.


The right clothing for the right breed.
How to match the size with the type of conformation of the dog.

Advice on buying the right product must inevitably evaluate your dog's breed type. If for example you have a French bulldog, a sweater or a sweatshirt are not the most suitable items of clothing.

Choosing together with the customer the right garment is for Paola one of the realities that characterize the attention she pays to every customer and in particular to her pet. It is therefore important to evaluate first of all the brand of clothing. In fact, many brands have specialized in products for a particular physical constitution. In this way you will have ample choice by knowing the appropriate measures. Then you can move on to the selection of sizes. In this case you will have to pay attention to one aspect in particular: the size of the neck. Depending on it you will have a greater or lesser paw opening. The elastic head and paw openings are always difficult points to have to consider. In fact, in most cases, customers make mistakes by choosing products that have holes that are too narrow.

Paola suggests to take as a parameter not the hair or the length of the paws, but the circumference of the neck, since the sizes of the brands vary according to it.


Stretch material and puppies.
Paola's advice for proper growth.

Freedom of movement must always be a priority in the choice of clothing and especially in those products designed to keep your dog warm, as it is important to make the fabric adapt perfectly to the coat. The most common criticism concerns the use of a material that is stretchy but not stretchy enough. So in case you have bought a coat for a puppy, if it does not stretch, you risk not to use it anymore after a very short time.

Paola has always put the interest of the dogs before any reality. For this reason she suggests not to use products that are based on synthetic and elastic fibres. In fact, non-natural materials could produce forms of dermatitis or irritation on the fur of a growing puppy. Even against the interests of the company, the priority is always that of the dog.

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