Shampoo for dogs: how to choose the best one

Dog grooming: a ritual in the name of safety. 

To be sure not to neglect the well-being of our four-legged friends, it is important to follow a well-grooming refime

This also includes the use of safe products, non-toxic and designed specifically not to damage or affect thehealth of hair and skin. 

Finding a suitable shampoo for your puppy is not a problem to be underestimated: many times, in fact, the vastness of the market concerning products for dogs can discourage even the most careful dog owner, who does not know which parameters to use the help him choose among the thousands of types of shampoos with different prices, characteristics and quality. 

Fortunately, there is a lot of people on the web who can help any lover of their pooch find the perfect product, providing useful advices for each case. 

Paola, from A.Mici&Co boutique, an expert who can help you choose the ideal shampoo for each puppy

When it comes to looking for advice regarding products for dogs, there is no better professional figure who takes every situation to heart without giving priority to matters of money or sponsors. 

This is the only way to be sure of having found a shampoo that is actually the perfect one for your four-legged friend, without having unpleasant surprises once used. 

Paola is validally in matters concerning grooming not only because she has a great knowledge of products for dogs, but also because she is able to evaluate which is the best one for each puppy.

Her suggestions, always targeted and never denied, are ideal for any customer who is looking for a friend who is always available and careful to dispense advice suitable for any situation. 

To get in touch with her just turn to Facebook, or go through the contact info on our website. Each of your questions will receive a kind and reasoned resoponse. 


That pesky itch: what product to use for dermatitis

Dermatitis is one of the skin problems of our four-paws friends that requires specific treatment, as it is a very annoying and complicated condition to treat. In fact, the little dog iften can't help but scratch, which only makes the situation worse. 

Usually the products indicated to solve this skin problem are those based on oats, especially with active ingredients that are refreshing and soothing to give immediate relief to the puppy. 

When the dermatitis becomes more severe Paola recommends contacting your veterianarian to purchase special products that can be immediately effective. 

Even turning to A.Mici&Co you can find shampoos designed specifically not only to treat, but also to prevent skin irritation, such as shampoo Skincare Pro of the all-Italian company Special One, recommended directly by Paola. 


The no-rinse dry shampoo to cope with every eventuality

One of the hottest questions Paola often has to clarify is the actual usefulness and convenience of dry goods

In general, her advice is to use a dry shampoo only if your puppy is sick or cannot be water bathed for some other reason. If so, one or two doses of the product well rubbed into the coat will be enough to clean him. 

It should always be remembered that this mousse is never as effective as a regular shampoo used with water, which is why it is not suitable for exclusive use. 

Again, one of the best products comes directly from Special One, which offers the Special Rinse product from the Aqua Line, designed for all those times when a full sanitizing tratment is not possible. 


Delicate scents for a pleaasant aroma without worries

Another question that several clients ask to Paola is how to allow their puppy to smell good. 

In this case, the advice is to use fragrances designed specifically for each dog, alcohol-free, non-irritating and above all delicate: you can find excellent products such as those of Nina Venezia Pet Beauty. 

These are so respectful of your dog that you can spray them frequently, almost like the owner would do with their own. 


Short coat vs. long coat: different needs for different coats

Each owner may have different needs regarding the coat of his dog: those who prefer long hair, for example, will need a good product that can untangle the knots; those who prefer short hair, however, will not have these problems. 

However, the distinction between long and short hair is not always enough to choose the right product for your four-paws friend. Paola advises you to carefully evaluate the type of skin of your dog: from this you can understand which factors to consider when buying a suitable shampoo. 

In general, adopting a certified product like Special One's Bain Pro can be a good starting point for cleaning any coat. 


The bleaching shampoo suitable for dogs with bleached coat 

Many owners of white-coated dogs ask how they can keep their dog's coat always white and shiny. The advice that Paola usually gives is to buy a type of whitening shampoo to be used every now and then to revitalize the coat. 

Warning: if a good shampoo in general can be used frequently, bleaching shampoos should be used in moderation, only when the hair really needs a "polish". 

The best is definitely White on White by Chris Christensen, a product designed specifically to make the whitest coats spotless. 


All the care needed for the Maltese 

Those who have a Maltese dog at home know how beautiful but also very delicate animals they can be: in general Paola recommends once again the White on White by Chris Christensen (remembering moderation), then proceeding with a routine that uses generic but high quality products such as those already treated, with particular attention to solutions for long coats such as Spectrum Ten Conditioner, also by Chris Christensen. 


Puppy care: are specific products really affordable?

Those who want to ensure the cleanliness of their puppy often find it difficult to choose a suitable product, because different chains present different varieties that they say are designed specifically for young dogs. 

Paola usually tends to dispsel the "myth" of the shampoo with special properties, and recommends products that are always of the highest quality first. If you respect this criterion, you can also use adult products with confidence. 


What if our friend has an itch? Products designed to soothe any discomfort

If your dog scratches and feels visible discomfort Paola recommends first of all to go to a veterinarian to find out the cause: only in this way it will be possible to take the necessary measures. 

If this is not immediately possible you can try to relieve your puppy with some soothing and refreshing products, which often, like those used for dermatitis, are oat-based. 

Tu use an all-natural solution you can turn to Peace & Kindness shampoo, an emollient product from Chris Christensen that contains no sulfates and allows you to treat allergies and extra sensitive skin quickly and effectively. 


Products for frequent usage

If the grooming routine of one's puppy recurs with a certain frequency, the owner often asks what kind of products can be the best to ensure maximum hygiene without ruining the delicate hair of his four-paws friend. 

A condition that Paola recommends to always respect is to make sure to use a quality shampoo: only in this way you can be sure to preserve the health of your dog. 


Enhance your dog's coat with the right volumizing shampoo 

Being able to present the fur of your puppy in the best possible way is important, especially if you want to participate in exhibitions. 

Paola recommends Special One's 360° spray, a practical and versatile product that can be applied to both dry and wet hair, very useful even during competitions. 

For those who want to intervene on their dog's coat already during the grooming process can usse Hygro Fluid, a product based on sea salts that will give volume, brilliance and elasticity to all types of hair, even if in this case Paola recommmends it especially for dogs like bums. 



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