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Anju Beauté has been creating the best dog and cat grooming products for more than 25 years. Now produced in Brittany, in the Morbihan region of France, the brand's history began in 1994 in Anjou, with passionate breeders who decided to create grooming shampoos.

Soon after its creation, Anju Beauté was recognized as the expert grooming brand by top professionals. Its products are appreciated in dog and cat shows, exhibitions and even grooming salons.

The laboratory develops exclusive formulas that respect the animal's skin and coat and the environment in which we live. Most of the ingredients are plant-based. Aromatherapists and R&D engineers work closely together to innovate ranges of plant-based and certified organic products.

Quality checks are carried out at each stage of the production process to ensure that the batch is declared to conform to the original formula registered with the French health safety agency.

Leading professionals are ambassadors of the Anju Beauté brand and actively participate in the technical validation of products and their performance.

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