The brand I ♥ MY DOG ® was born in 2007 from the love of two young Italian entrepreneurs for pets and the desire to always be surrounded by them. 

Since the first collections, the brand has established itself as an emblem of Made in Italy in the pet industry and had the intent to become a trusted partner for the customer who is looking for, in the market of clothing for dogs, an article different from the common, carefully studied in detail, made and tested to be, at the same time, comfortable and practical but also aesthetically unique, of the highest quality for each dogs! 

Each item is the result of careful research of fabrics, materials, details,... So much effort and dedication to give life, every time, to a product never predictable and always elegant. 

All lines include: quilts, sweatshirts, knitwear, t-shirts, polo shirts, bags, carriers, bags/kennels, covers, beds, pillows, collars & leashes, harnesses and various accessories. There is no shortage of clothing for the owners, to be always matched o their faithful friend and, at the same time, fashionable and elegant. Unique and inimitable products, sartorial style combined with practicality. The knitwear is made with fine yarns, sweatshirts enriched with rhinestones, coats padded with real down.