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SHIKO-ME was founded in 2018 as a quality Made in Italy Brand upon the creation of Pet Designer Matilde to meet the needs of the clothing industry, moving away from the proposed stereotypes to create products with a personal and authentic essence.
Thanks to the combination of her passion for haute couture and her beloved Bernardo and Ops who, like two muses gave her the right inspiration, Matilde created her first custom-made garment.
She understood early on that making garments ad Hoc would meet the needs of our beloved four-legged friends, ensuring comfort and sophistication for the wearer, without neglecting quality in the choice of materials.

" We cannot claim to love animals if first and foremost we do not respect the environment in which they live and the products that Mother Nature gives us."
Matilde, Pet Designer.

Following this philosophy, all SHIKO-ME products celebrate the encounter between the world of aesthetics and the natural inclination to love and respect animals and nature; accessories and garments are tailored and made with sustainable materials that recall the colors found in the natural environment.

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