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Frontline Combo Spot-on for Cats

Frontline Combo Spot-on for Cats

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3 pipettes with antiparasitic solution for application to the skin of cats and ferrets to treat flea (ctenocephalides spp), tick (ixodes ricinus, dermacentor variabilis, rhipicephalus sanguineus) and chewing lice (felicola subrostratus) infestations. The specialty is an insecticidal (and acaricide) solution for topical use containing the combination of an active ingredient with adulticidal activity, fipronil, with an active ingredient with ovaricidal and larvicidal activity, (S)-methoprene.

Method of administration

Hold the pipette straight and tap lightly on the narrow end of the pipette so that the liquid content remains in the wide end of the pipette. Break off the pre-cut end. Open the hairs at the base of the neck, on the back of the animal, between the shoulder blades, and highlight the skin. Place the apex of the pipette on the skin and squeeze the pipette several times until completely empty, applying the product, in one place, directly to the skin.

It is important that the product be applied in an area where the animal cannot lick itself, and be careful that animals do not lick each other after treatment.

One 0.5 ml pipette per cat, corresponding to the minimum recommended ration. Minimum treatment interval: 4 weeks.

Do not use the product in kittens younger than 8 weeks of age and/or weighing less than 1 kg.


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