Martina Sanitary Panty


Martina Sanitary Panty

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Martina Sanitary Panty 

Brand: Puppia 


100% cotton decorated panties 

Designed in Korea


Puppia, a name derived from the combination of "puppy" and "utopia", is a world famous dog fashion design group. They have many years of experience in the fashion world and their dog clothing designs are some of the best. Puppia is now one of the leading dog fashion brands in the world, sold all over the world ! 


Puppia Size Guide 

Size Back (cm) Chest (cm) Neck (cm) Weight (up to)
XS 16 25 18 1,5 Kg
S 20 28-32 22-24 2,7 Kg
M 25,5 35-40 26-28 5 Kg
L 32 41-48 30-32 6,7 Kg