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Pura Natura

Pura Natura Tenerosi for Dogs Adult Deer 200g

Pura Natura Tenerosi for Dogs Adult Deer 200g

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Dalla Grana Pura Natura Tenerosi Adult Deer dry dog food is a semi-moist kibble made with fresh, Human Grade and 100% Italian ingredients.

Dalla Grana Pura Natura Tenerosi Adult Deer are made with the freshest venison, roe deer and fallow deer guaranteed by the Friulcarni company in Udine. Deer meat is very tasty and an ideal ingredient for maintaining the ideal weight of dogs living at home as it has a limited fat content and is rich in easily digestible proteins.


The tasty recipe is completed by honey, fresh fruit, red turnip and a special mix of organic medicinal herbs, 100% natural.

The soft texture is due to the special cooking process: by combining all the raw materials and cooking them for a few minutes at a temperature of 110°, these semi-moist croquettes for dogs are tender and pleasant to the palate. Formulated without the use of chemical preservatives, they guarantee the high bioavailability of the precious nutrients useful for the cellular reconstruction of the dog's organism.

Free of grains, highly digestible and perfect for all dogs who suffer from allergies or food sensitivities, are suitable for adult dogs over one year of age.

Storage: in an airtight container. 

Recommended Dose

Dog weight in kg 1 4 5 10 15
Lives at home 22 g 90 g 110 g 228 g 340 g
Lives in the garden 30 g 120 g 150 g 304 g 450 g
Very active 36 g 150 g 180 g 369 g 550 g


Dalla Grana Mangimi is an Italian company that offers high quality, organic dog and cat food. Total absence of dyes, artificial preservatives and appetizers.


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