Elixir Shampoo with Snail Slime for Dogs and Cats 250ml


Elixir Shampoo with Snail Slime for Dogs and Cats 250ml

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Professional shampoo for dogs and cats with high cleansing power and wide spectrum of action based on Snail Slime, suitable for white coats or all types of hair.

Exceptional neutralizer of unpleasant odors. Elixir Shampoo, in addition to having a very high cleaning power, performs important functions.

Purifying action thanks to the peptides and glycolic acid contained in Snail Slime that prevent the accumulation of impurities or, if present, are able to remove them.

Moisturizing action: the proteins present in the Snail Slime help tissue oxygenation and hydration, enhancing the condition of healthy skin and hair.

Elixir Shampoo also has very unique characteristics: it has a high moisturizing and healing power due to the combined effect of some substances such as collagen, allantoin and vitamins. Regenerating and nourishing thanks to the strong presence of vitamins and proteins, exfoliating and cleansing thanks to the smoothing, exfoliating and purifying properties of glycolic acid, useful to restore health and shine to the coat through a gentle peeling of the surface layer of skin and hair.

HOW TO USE: dilute the product with 15 parts of water (16:1) and proceed with a first wash on dry hair. In this phase it is advisable to help with a net sponge and repeat the operation if necessary. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with drying.

Bottle 250ml